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When I look around this GREAT COUNTRY, the United States of America, my heart, mind, body, soul, and spiritual being, I see a great country booming with a fruitful diversity of people from all walks of life-with various social class, ethnic, race, gender, sexual orientation, national backgrounds, religions, cultural, and spiritual paths. For this incredible lifetime vision of experiences, born and raised in America--all I know is One America for ALL Americans and Non-Americans. Therefore, this is the America that I/we call our home...


Rosalind Greene's policy issues are coming soon! In the meantime, this letter to One America addresses many issues that are impacting all Americans.  

Dear One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans:

  America, this election is not just about Democrats and Republicans; it's about America's democracy, future, and economic growth. We are called to stand up and fight for our democracy- and for the unity that has defined America as the greatest country in the world has called upon us to rise as One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans. We must work side by side to help strengthen the people of this great country. 

The courageous Harry Truman stated," America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand," for this America must come together as One America, we must not live in fear and allow fear to defeat us. However, It is natural to feel and be feared. It gives us the drive to be tough, smart, truthful, respectful and saying kiss off without saying it. Our actions and the way we expose our; this will carry the most significant impact.

Our actions can be contagious, respectful, spiritual, kind, understanding, magnetic, moving, motivating, inspiring, and unified as one. Although, we have done the impossible from generation after generation-from decade after decade-from century after century-lets do the possible as One America, right now-not tomorrow.

  We can attest to this today, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves" (Abraham Lincoln). African Americans fought for freedom-America fought for freedom and equality rights for all- there is only one way to go-it forward.

I come before you, without a doubt, because I am optimistic that America will come together as One America. I believe and have faith in America- if we truly understood the powerful ramifications and lasting impacts of our most precious possession that we own, our vote, we will be ready for the 21st century. We together will not be afraid to talk about and discuss some of the most divisive issues that are the norm by this administration.

Together, we can make a difference in destroying this misogynistic administration agenda by replacing it forever.  Women will not be under attack and or replaced in this world. We will stand firm and together as ONE WOMAN for all! America is not going to be taken into hostage by Ku Klux Klan, Anti-Muslim, Neo-Nazi, racism, homophobia, white supremacist,

white nationalist, anti-antisemitism, and sexism groups and people, to name a few, to destroy the fabric of our democracy. Together we will address these issues head-on because we can see the direction this great nation is heading if we do nothing and accept it as the business of the day like this administration has embraced.  America will not move in that direction. We must protect the next generations to come and break this cancerous, the business of the day, cycle. Our children deserve better, America!

We will not see our people homeless, living in poverty, sicken with inequalities, discrimination, racism, unfair social injustice system, police brutality inflicted on our black boys and men, people on people crimes, insensible gun control, mass killings, outdated infrastructure, unsafe communities, low paying jobs, and inequality education.

With over 30 years of healthcare experience and expertise, One America will have access to world-class, affordable quality healthcare, dental and vision care. With my bilateral tarsal small toe spurs, while on active duty standing for 10 to 16 hours a day caring for our military members and their families, I will  honor and respect our veterans, active duty military members and their families in good times, bad times, wartime, rain, snow, sunshine and 24/7/365. I did it when I had my bilateral small toe spurs, while on active duty and I will do it again with my toe spurs. Due to the excellent healthcare while on active duty, I had my bone spurs surgically treated and had to walk around for months wearing those big ugly walking boots, and it was an honor to serve. 

Also, every American and non-Americans living in America should be able to live as equals regardless of one's religion, gender, race, national background, and sexual orientation. Americans should have access to family paid leave and affordable quality childcare, free school lunch programs and so much more.

One America, if you truly understood the most precious possession that you own and our ancestors fought for and died to give most of us the right to own-that is your VOTE. We are the people for the people; therefore we need to understand this excellent powerful tool. And your thoughts on what this tool can do for you, and this country is infinite..., and for this understanding and the powerful impact it has, you will guard it more closely to your heart and use it to plant the seeds for the future for you and many generations to come. 

From this point forward, we can move this great nation forward into the 21st century. We can vote out the corrupt elected officials nationwide that have stagnated, stigmatized, and divided our great country and its people. For decades we have created our weaknesses and cripple the most significant strengths that have kept us as 99%. One America has the ultimate power to change the 99% stigmatization that the 1%  thinks it is a fundamental right and the America way. We can together accomplish economic growth by joining together as One America and use the infinite limitations of our most precious possession that we own, our vote, and move our great nation to the 21st Century-One America for All Americans and Non-Americans.

We will and must work together to end this toxic division that is moving faster than the speed of lighting through our communities, jobs, schools, churches, homes and the country we love. We need to work together because we have done the many impossible times-to restore America's democracy. My progressive principle is to provide Americans with economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, and individualized investment capital that is so overdue.

I can recall as if it was yesterday when Obama gave his announcement speech referring to Abraham Lincoln. I remembered saying this is what America needed to hear from a president.  And now, here we are today going through the most rigorous cancerous division in my lifetime. 

President Barack Obama said:

"That's what Abraham Lincoln understood. He had his doubts. He had his defeats. He had his skeptics. He had his setbacks. But through his will and his words, he moved a nation and helped free a people. It's because of the millions who rallied to his cause that we're no longer divided, North and South, slave and free. It's because men and women of every race, from every walk of life, continued to march for freedom long after Lincoln was laid to rest, that today we have the chance to face the challenges of this millennium together, as one people — as Americans." (10 February 2007)

I will do this by implementing: 

  •  The New Americans Revolution into the 21st Century--One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan.
  • The New Taxpayers Investment into the Taxpayers Plan.
  • The Women's Revolution of the 21st Century Economic Empowerment Breaking Barriers Plan.

These strategic initiatives will help strengthen and empower the people of this country.  I was called upon by God and my faith to be the moral leader that will stand up and fight with the people to move America forward. The jobs that are are low-wage jobs, Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, working for peanuts, on cheap steroids.

Americans are throwing away the most owned precious possession they own, your vote, without nothing of value.   It is our time to supercharge American's real innovation and power that will increase our success in the 21st century and our global competitive arena. We have been through many revolutions-and we have changed to move us forward, not backward.

The so-called "American Dream" is a fantasy for most Americans, too far to reach with no capital to get it.  Can you say you are living the future you want?  Are you living the "American Dream?" Americans are advancing up the "Billionaire Dream" and keeping it on the rapid charged economic growth rocket... while Americans are in a permanent idle mode watching the show. 

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams" (Oprah). You need to believe in yourself because I believe in you America...Most Americans aren't able to work on their dreams because they're working two to three jobs and never get to live the "American Dream." This election should be about your ability to succeed-not the ability for the do nothing politicians. Don't let fear and false hope kill your dreams. 

I recalled this school teacher saying how embarrassed she was when her students saw her waiting on tables... she had over four jobs and used the money to buy supplies for her students and to pay bills because of her low paying salary. She doesn't get to "pay to play" and get millions like our elected corrupted politicians. How many teachers have given away the most precious possession you own, your vote, and didn't get that big pay raise that the politicians promised? We know the answer, too many to count.

Without vital economic advancement, empowerment, and development into human capital for all; our youth, college students, and young adults will find it to be impossible to reach their goals. I believe in youth mentorship, personal growth, training, leadership development, financial literacy, and management training; job training and education needed, so our sons and daughters have an equal opportunity to compete for the highly advanced skill level and high wage career opportunities. 


If we do nothing, Americans will not be compatible and marketable to survive in the twenty-first century. All Americans have a right to equality in all aspects of his or her life. Therefore, it is in my best interest to work hard and fight smart to make sure that All Americans get a fair share of the pie. When Americans give away the most precious possession they own, the vote, to the corrupt politicians that are financially leveraged, owned, controlled and paid for, in full, by the big donors, the Super PACs, the special interests, the lobbyists, and the Russians oligarchs, to name a few, Americans pay the price and gets no pie.


The corrupted, swamp infected, politicians get our votes knowing they had sold us out to the highest bidder.  As the swamp thugs, politicians call it "pay to play."  I call it gutless and heartless politics over our great country, and it's people... The massive income, wage, social injustice, and wealth inequalities between the Top 1% and the working class will not leave home base—Let alone make it off the first base. 

We use the term "middle class" and "working poor" because they are the people working up to three jobs and still living from paycheck to paycheck. America's so-called term "middle class" is not the future.  The "middle class" people, in today's reality, are living with no disposable income to enjoy a decent quality of life. 

Let me make this very clear; I'm 100% aware of the daily struggles of families and communities around this great nation and the stress and health problems that come with those struggles. People are homeless due to the real impacts of GLOBAL WARMING that are causing extreme massive wildfires that have burned out hundreds of thousands of communities. And has left thousands of communities without no trace of identity to call it the "community that you once called it your home." Generation of memories burned to the ground.  

There are hundreds of thousands of people still homeless without no place to call home. As your president, if elected, your struggles are my struggles, your pain is my pain, your stress is my stress. We are in this as One America. And Puerto Rico is our America. Just hold on, Puerto Rico, I promise the great people of Puerto Rico that they will NEVER be forgotten again because you are part of One America, too. Showing up to throw paper towels is a heartless and mindless act.

Sadly, the deadly wildfires, floods, and hurricanes don't burn down and or drown the medical bills, student loans, mortgages, car payments, and all other financial obligations.  I know that the bill collectors don't let you pass go without paying them. This administration is so out of touch with reality and lives in fantasy and privileged world that throwing paper towels and letting thousands die like animals-is okay.  These are party lines issues-all our issues.

I promise the people of this great nation that I will never degrade you and or not support you doing these horrific times. Trust me, global warming and climate change are real. We aren't immune to these catastrophes climate change events. And in some cases be the victims of corruption by our elected official.  Just look at how Trump treated Puerto Rico, American citizens. They will keep impacting our lives, health, environmental assets and infrastructures and so much more.

The fake three times a day dosages of stock market propaganda tweets are geared to keep Americans in a paralyzed fantasy like mood-waiting for money from the stock market to fall out of the sky, sweeping the ENTIRE country with wealth... This administration reports of the stock market, sound like a foreign language to most Americans. The rising stock market has only benefited the wealthiest.  Do you have stock? This administration practices are so out of touch with reality and got so many Americans are assuming the booming stock market will get the other 99% of Americans off home base. The question is, has it got YOU off home base?

Americans land on home base, cemented,  with no chance of being able to move.  It is not possible to hit a ball that doesn't exist.  So, your votes help keep the Top 20% of the people with ownership, over 85%, of the American stock market.  Are you still waiting for your piece of the pie that this administration promised you? Are you again swinging at an invisible Trump's ball?  Well, keep waiting, it will not come. All the Americans will get is a truckload of lies, alternative facts, false promises and no path to the "American Dream."

However, the Americans of this great nation will inherit from this administration, thanks to the courtesy of the republican's Tax Scam Bill, a more profound and broader-- income, wage, and wealth inequality.  It is a valley, not a gap, entrenched between the rich and One America. The courtesy of the republican's Tax Scam Bill has created for the rich trillions of dollars back into the pockets of the RICH.

How many people got a tiny taste and or sniff of their dreams, the  "American Dream"? How many DREAMS did the rich turn into a reality? Let me know if your future dreams and goals have blossomed into a reality? If the answer is NO, how will you invest your most precious possession, your vote, this election, and all future elections?  Wake up America; this administration has targeted our Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid programs to make cuts to help pay for the Tax Scam gift to the billionaires to overfill their treasure trunks. 

I pledge and promise you I will not take for granted your most precious possession, your vote. My set of valuable principle goals this election will be the launch of America's New Revolution of the 21st Century- One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan. I will be the president when elected by the people for, the people, that you can trust with your most precious possession, your vote. I will work together with One America and for the FUTURE you deserve. This administration has neglected us. I promise you that I will never ignore the people of this great country.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I guarantee never to tell you things I perceive will be impossible and out of touch with the mainstream and realism.  I will never deceive and or mislead you. I will not feed you with an abundance of falsehoods and unrealistic jobs, visions, and dreams.  And I will never sell you out because you and America of are priceless. And I'm not for sale-for our democracy.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I will not put up with the old ways of working to get jobs created and produced which pay low wages that will keep Americans in poverty.  I can see the commitments that Americans have made to live a quality life.  Americans are forward thinkers, not backward thinkers, for their children, families, and communities.  Therefore, I will treat you in this manner and will respect all Americans, regardless of their nationality, religion, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I pledge and promise you that there will be no accommodation for lifeless, deadened problem-solving strategies suitable for problem-solving America's future forward.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign journey with me, I will be the leader that will lead only One America for All Americans and Non-Americans, regardless of one's party affiliation, because we are One America.  I ask you to please understand that I will embrace One America for All Americans and Non-Americans dreams, hopes, faiths, goals, and ambitions toward a greater One America's dreams, the American Dream.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I will examine the whole picture, not divisions of the picture, and support the status quo upon a picture, in hope to solve the problem and or issue. Let me say, I know America as a full picture and can’t look at America as a mixed picture with divisions and expect to solve its problems and issues in half full manner.

I pledge and promise you I will demand and fight for the highest standards of behavior for myself and as your moral leader worldwide. This moral leadership will set the highest standard for One America for All Americans and Non-Americans, meaning YOU! And we will help unite our country into One America for All Americans for you and many generations to come. 

I know, in my heart, we will see our country put aside our party affiliations and so many diverse problems that have led to such bitter divisions between our communities, families, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, nieces, nephews, and the Americans. We can get along, and we can do better; we are Americans.

I pledge and promise to keep All Americans and non-Americans that have adopted America as their America a safe place. And I promise you I am not for personal, economic gains or special favors. Remember, I will work for you. You are priceless-America is priceless, and not for sale to another country.

             My New Revolution of the 21st Century- One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan -will be the plan that will invest into YOUR FUTURE to lead you to the path toward a bright and promising future. If elected to be your president, I guarantee that the people of the greatest country will live their "American Dream" under this plan.

I highly value and morally believe that One America for All Americans and Non-Americans' big dreams are the dreams that need to become the realities of the 21st-century business models that will drive high impact economic growth and self-empowerment. We can replace the businesses that jump ship and abandon us after we made them successful and profitable.

We will work with Congress and the Senate so we can pass a bipartisan bill to allow 50 Billion dollars per year for ten years for the economic investment and development into human capital. The funds are for:

  1.  The New Americans Revolution into the 21st Century--One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan.
  2. The New Taxpayers Investment into the Taxpayers Plan.
  3. The Women's Revolution of the 21st Century Economic Empowerment Breaking Barriers Plan.

The people of this great country will have the opportunity get to get an individualized empowerment passport to economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, business ownership, new startups, business growth, and expansion, etc., are vital to the human capital and economic growth.

To the people of this great country, this is what I know:

  • I know, I Know that most Americans don't have a penny to invest. 
  • I know, I know that most Americans don't make investments.
  • I know, I know that most Americans are working up to four jobs.
  • I know, I know that most Americans can't afford to retire.
  • I know, I know that over 86% of Americans have zero investment in the stock market.
  • I know, I know that most Americans don't have quality affordable health care (I bring to America over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry).
  • I know that Americans should have a right to quality health care for all.
  • I know, I know that most Americans don't have family leave and childcare. 
  • I know, I know that most Americans can't afford to eat healthy meals.
  • I know, I know that most Americans are not business owners.
  • I know, I know that police murder African American men at higher rates than white men, and it's going to stop.
  • I know, I know that "Me Too" is powerful-on fire-no water needed movement!
  • I know, I know that Americans don't have parents and or family that can give them money to start a business. 
  • I know that Americans face discrimination due to one's gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religions, race, etc.
  • I know, I know that Americans don't want to depend on the government.  
  • I know, I know, I know that Americans fed up with income, pay, wealth, social injustice, gender, race, and wealth inequalities, especially African Americans.
  • I know, I know that Americans support DACA.
  • I know, I know that Americans support a deep compassion Immigration Reform.
  • I know, I know that America is in deep pain and anger seeing immigrants babies and children ripped from their parents' arms and placed in cages like wild animals.
  • I know, I know that Americans support common sense gun control.
  • I know, I know that Americans are homeless and can't afford a place to call home.
  • I know, I know, I know that women are fighting for women rights to have full control over their body.
  • I know, I know that men have control and full rights to their body.
  • I know, I know, I know, that Americans are making the rich richer. 

  • I know, I know, I know, I know, and Lord knows-I know this because I am, I am, I am---one of those Americans. 

  And for this, don’t let this campaign get you caught up into the "household names" and experiences and scare you away from supporting the candidate that will work for your most precious possession, your vote, and not sell you false promises and a truckload of alternative facts.

I promise quality health care for all Americans to include all pre-existing conditions coverage. With over 28 years of working in the healthcare industry will give One America for All Americans and Non-Americans the security they need that healthcare has been my mission.

I can and will promise you criminal justice reform, economic justice, affordable quality education, free and or reduced affordable housing and homeownership; and a never-ending fight to get complete gender, racial, immigrant's rights, women's rights, and sexual orientation equal justice for all and so much more...

I promise and pledge to you that if you come with me on this journey, it will be your journey- for your future and to cast your vote this election for you, not me. If you don’t make this election about you — the corrupt, toxic swampy politicians get to "pay for play" with your vote, your vote...  

I ask you to give me your all. And promise you that I will together with you give America my ALL — and when I am elected to be your next President, I promise you that your vote will bring you the future YOU dream of, not the future I want. When America is glowing, and the people are living the quality of life they want. I will live the best prospect in America’s history. 

  I respect and honor America’s past, am a forward thinker, and in harmony with the real reality, we are living in today. A forward thinker is what America demands; not a backward-thinking leader. I will be your leader of the democratic world that will work hard for you and your household. And I would be an idiot to say holding the highest office is not a complicated and hard job. Let me say, I was born to work hard, and I love to work hard.  

I promise to work one hundred times harder for YOU! The people of this great country know "where there is no leadership, society stands still--Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better" (Harry s. Truman). 

The 'no drama' Obama stated, "This campaign has to be about reclaiming the meaning of citizenship, restoring our sense of common purpose, and realizing that few obstacles can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change.” And the 'drama Rosalind' says wake up people, wake, wake, wake up! Claim this election-it must be about you---claim your part of this exhilarating, uplifting, hope, new propose, economic empowerment, happiness, magnificent, solidarity, and powerful--- New Revolution for the 21st Century: One America-For All Americans and Non-Americans.

In closing, America here I am before you, with you, beside you, stand with you, speak for you, believe in you, encourage you, motivate you, inspire you, nurture you, protect you, fight for you, die for you, against you when need to be.

America here I am before you because I see Americans and Non-Americans from every national background and religious affiliation living in America that they call home.


Guess what Trump? there is only ONE AMERICA, and it's all of our America! This is not fake news.

AMERICA, guess what? There is only One America. There never was, and there will never be a "white America," never. So, don't embrace this false hope and false reality because it's not healthy — the America that we all love regardless of our party affiliations.

The election is your time to claim your dream and destiny! The New Revolution of the 21st Century: One America-for All American and Non-Americans Plan. Claim IT!

        I am looking forward to meeting the people of this great country when we're traveling around this great country. Please join and embrace the New Revolution for the 21st Century: One America-For All American and Non-Americans Tour! 

This election is for you and about you. Your vote is the passport to the future you want for you. It is time to do you! VOTE to PLAY! And no more "pay to play" with your vote.

  America together we can!

  See it-Feel it-Want it!

Achieve it-Believe it!

  Defeat it-Conquer it!

Claim it-Bond it!

Vision it-Creat it-Implement it!

Dream it-Own it-Love it!

  Vote for it!

  1. The New Americans Revolution into the 21st Century--One America-for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan.
  2. The New Taxpayers Investment into the Taxpayers Plan.
  3. The Women's Revolution of the 21st Century Economic Empowerment Breaking Barriers Plan.

Believe in yourself, your dreams, your goals and the power of your VOTE! Get ready for me to work hard and fright smart for all Americans and Non-Americans.


Sincerely yours,

Rosalind F. Greene

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

One America~For All Americans and Non-Americans

This video was made by Rosalind Greene with intent to CAPTURE ONE AMERICA for all Americans and Non-Americans that we call our home.

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